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Sweets for the Soul

Our uniquely hand poured Gourmet Brittle will make your Soul rejoice with taste created in an assortment of flavors.

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Our Story; How it all began

Creamy, Light, Crisp and Teeth Friendly

Hand Poured brittle is a blessing

Our Specialty Flavors

  • Cashew (Large Tub 15oz)
    Cashew (Large Tub 15oz)
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  • Almond Chocolate Coconut (Large Tub 15oz)
    Almond Chocolate Coconut (Large Tub 15oz)
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If you haven't had it yet you need to try this brittle!!!  It's hands down the best brittle I ever had!!!

Christian, J.

Psalms peanut brittle candy is amazing!!!

Morgan, T.

In Heaven!  Most amazing homemade brittle!!

Dr Chelle, D

Pecan Brittle Ice Cream is amazing!

Our Brittle is now reimagined in a dairy free ice cream that will make your soul rejoice!

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Also available at these locations

  • Reds BBQ
  • Rollin’ Oats
  • Mazzaro
  • Spiros Pasadena produce & deli
  • Steep Station
  • Salty Sisters
  • Southside coffee
  • Belleair market
  • JB’s Seafood Market
  • If I Brewed the world
  • Joe’s
  • Invision cafe


Kitchen/Cafe for Pick Up

7097 30th Ave N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Mon - Fri, 8am - 2pm
Saturday, 8am - 2pm
Sunday, 8am - 2pm

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