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Our Story


Psalms Gourmet Brittle was started by Psalms years ago in a small home kitchen during the Christmas season. Psalms being a joyful giver made it her mission to make sure everyone she knew received a gift. The most effective and less expensive way to accomplish this was creating various baked goods to wrap as gifts. Each year, Psalms made this a family tradition and year after year friends and family continued to request one particular baked good after the holiday season. Yes, it was the brittle that had people coming back for more. 

Psalms’ son Carlton, while in college became home sick and went to the local store to buy brittle to remind him of home. To his shock the brittle was hard as rocks and ended chewy, not like what he knew brittle to be. This is when he knew and understood how special his mother’s brittle was and why everybody wanted more. 

Years later Carlton inspired Psalms to share her unique Brittle with the rest of the world and in the fall of 2019, the brand was born. We first started with our traditional peanut brittle, which expanded to pecan brittle, mixed nuts brittle and other specialty made-to-order brittle like almond, hot and spicy peanut, and non-nut options.